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Glasses Versus Contacts: Which One Is Right for You?

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Both contacts and glasses provide effective vision correction, and many people use both options depending on the occasion and their personal lifestyle. Experienced optometrist, Tanya Lau, OD, offers comprehensive eye exams for glasses and contacts at Mission Viejo Optometric Center to improve your vision and meet your specific needs.

Dr. Lau can help you choose between contacts and eyeglasses at your routine eye exam. She can also discuss the pros and cons of each based on your own health background and requirements for vision correction.

Here are some things to consider when choosing between glasses and contacts:

When glasses make sense

Glasses may have some advantages that contact lenses don’t provide. One of the biggest benefits of glasses is that you don’t have to worry about inserting lenses into your eyes. This also reduces your risk for frequent eye irritation and infections.

Glasses may be more comfortable to wear and require much less cleaning and care than contacts.  In many cases, glasses need to be replaced less often than contact lenses, which may be a more affordable option for you.

Another upside of wearing glasses is the variety of lenses you can purchase to enhance your vision. There are specialty lenses available, like transition lenses that convert automatically to sunglasses when exposed to light.

For many, glasses are a notable way to express your personal style and fashion sense. Mission Viejo Optometric Center offers a wide range of frame styles and colors to complement your tastes and personality.

Why contacts may be best

Contacts are a viable option when you aren’t interested in wearing glasses for appearance reasons or convenience. Unlike glasses, contacts sit directly on your eye and don’t interfere with your activities. They won’t slip down your nose, fall off and break, or fog up in cold weather.

If your appearance is a priority, many types of contacts are available with colored lenses, making it easy to change or enhance your natural eye color.

When it comes to vision correction, contacts may have a slight edge over glasses. Because the lenses sit on your eye, you can benefit from enhanced overall vision, especially in your peripheral viewing areas. Certain types of contacts can even correct abnormal curvatures in your eye when you have astigmatism.

Maintaining contacts requires more care than eyeglasses, but the cleaning and storage requirements are relatively easy – even for kids.  You may also have the option to choose disposable contacts that reduce your risk for infection and other complications. Disposable and extended wear contact lenses have added convenience, especially if you prefer wearing contacts more often than glasses.

Other considerations to make

Depending on the type of contacts you need for optimal vision correction, you may spend more money each year on your lenses than you do on glasses. You also need to purchase the right cleansers and storage solutions to maintain your contacts.

If you have an existing condition, like chronic dry eye syndrome or severe allergies, glasses may be a better option to reduce your risk for irritation and other complications.

Because both modern glasses and contact lenses are so versatile, Dr. Lau can help you find the right solution for your vision correction needs.

Whether you’re interested in alternating between contact lenses and glasses or if you prefer just one option, schedule a comprehensive eye exam at Mission Viejo Optometric Center today using the online booking feature or by calling the office.


Written by Dr. Tanya Lau

Dr. Tanya Lau of Mission Viejo Optometric Center in Mission Viejo, California was born and raised in San Francisco and has been living in Southern California since 2012. She graduated from the University of California, Santa Cruz and double majored in Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology and Psychology. She earned her doctorate in optometry at the Southern California College of Optometry at Marshall B. Ketchum in 2016. She completed her professional internships at Lawton Indian Health Hospital in Oklahoma, Palo Alto Veteran Affairs in California, and Camp Zama United States Armed Forces in Japan.
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